lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

Red Carpet: 2013 Golden Globes Awards

After a big break (due the holiday vacation), I feel renew and nothing better that come back in the red carpet season, so today I share with you a full coverage of the red carpet of 2013 Golden Globes Awards (the good, the bad and the ugly)... Enjoy the pictures! ;)

Después de unas largas vacaciones (debido al receso navideño) me siento renovada, y nada mejor que volver al bloggin en la temporada de Red Carpet, hoy es el turno de los Golden Globes Awards y este post viene con todo, lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo!... Enjoy!

Have a nice day! ㋡

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  1. How beautiful! My favorite is the second dress and styling :D


Thanks for all yout loving coments, I love to know what you thinking ;)

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